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FavreWatch: Country Club Membership Dropped

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In case you were looking for clues on whether or not Brett Favre was returning to the gridiron next year, don't let this one slip by you. Brett dropped his membership at the Oneida Golf & Country Club in Green Bay.

Bob Harlan, Packers CEO and a member at Oneida, said he first heard that Favre dropped his membership about two weeks ago.

But Harlan said he wasn't sure it was a sign that Favre was starting to break ties to Green Bay in anticipation of announcing his retirement.

Oh, I think it is, pal. I think it means that Brett Favre is gone. Either that, or he's just tired that one greenskeeper who keeps winking at him and offering to wash his balls.

And I look forward to more stories like this, ones that try to contort the mundane details of Brett Favre's life into a guess at whether or not he's coming back. In a couple of weeks, someone will note that his maid has switched from 89-octane to 87-octane at the gas pump. Someone else will notice that his wife stopped going to her Tai Chi class. And the final straw will come when Brett starts putting on a shirt when he mows his lawn.


That guy's never going to retire.

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