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FC Zurich Initiates Legal Proceedings Over Horror Tackle

If you're the squeamish sort, I highly suggest you do not watch the above video. It shows a barbaric tackle from this weekend's Swiss Super League action, involving FC Arau's Sandro Wieser and FC Zurich's Gilles Yapi Yalo. Wieser launches his cleat into Yapi Yalo's knee, causing "torn anterior and interior cruciate ligaments, serious cartilage damage, meniscus tear, a torn kneecap and deep bruising in his thigh," according to The Guardian. Wieser was immediately red carded, and later visited Yapi Yalo—a former teammate on FC Basel—in the locker room and apologized for the tackle on Facebook.


Despite Wieser's apparent remorse, FC Zurich president Ancillo Canepa isn't satisfied. According to numerous reports, Zurich is beginning "criminal proceedings" for intentional injury against Wieser for the tackle, while others simply say "legal proceedings." If any tackle is bad enough to be considered assault this one is a decent candidate, but given the numerous devastating injuries caused by bad tackles (there are plenty of "worst soccer tackles ever" YouTube videos to be seen if you so desire), it'd be very surprising if anything actually happens here.

If anybody knowledgeable about Swiss law is reading, please give us a more detailed run down in the comments.

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