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Feeling Goodell: Who Hugged The NFL Commissioner Longest At Last Night's Draft?

NFL commissioner and disciplinary hardass Roger Goodell has ushered in the Draft Day Hug Era, eschewing the usual handshake photo-ops in favor of giving in to those players who want to give him the bro treatment. Goodell has embraced the embrace to such an extent that it's become the norm. Every player in attendance who heard his name called Thursday evening in New York wrapped the commish in his enormous arms.


The only thing that differed, then, is how long they held on. Here's all 20 players drafted who were in attendance last night, ordered by length of hug—from Kendall Wright's 2.26 second come-and-go to Fletcher Cox's any-longer-and-it'll-be-ranked-PG-13 lovefest. (We timed based on chest-to-chest contact; see the clock we provided for exact times.) [NFLN/ESPN]

You can download an mp3 of our chiptune version of Dan Hill's "Sometimes When We Touch" here.

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