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Félix Pié Was "Covered In Beer" After Near-Fight With Fans

With all the other news going on this week, we missed the fallout from the Pirates' minor league dustup on Tuesday, the one that found outfielder Félix Pié—and possibly other players—trying to climb into the stands to fight fans in Toledo. A reader who was there has contacted us with more specifics.


Turns out that while Pié was restrained by his Indianapolis Indians teammates before making it into the seating area, another teammate—outfielder Jerry Sands—actually did enter the stands near the Indians' dugout to go after people who were being assholes. The situation wound up getting resolved before it could escalate, and Sands drew a one-game suspension as a result.

Sands is a 25-year-old former Dodger who was acquired by the Red Sox last fall as one of the players to be named later in the deal that sent Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, and Josh Beckett to L.A. Boston then sent him to Pittsburgh in December as part of the Joel Hanrahan trade.*

The Indians were in Toledo to play an International League game against the Mud Hens, the Tigers' Triple-A affiliate. A reader named Steven told us he was there, and that he was sitting "10 feet from the whole incident." This is how Steven described what went down:

I was at the game right behind the Indians dugout. Sands indeed did jump the railing and went towards the two men and one woman being escorted out. The men were very drunk and warned twice by the usher to keep it down as they were calling the players princess, "Sally" and many explicits. Félix Pié was not in the stands but was covered in beer and held back by three or four players. Brandon Inge was also a target for the two men as they had choice words for him.


* This post has been updated to correct Jerry Sands's transaction history.

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