Cycling stories are remarkably easy to skip over. So much, in fact, that I skipped over five cycling stories during my morning piddle. But cyclist Tammy Thomas getting convicted in a BALCO-related case on three counts of perjury, well, just try to gloss over this mental image.

There are no signs of Stella Walsh chicanery here. Tammy Thomas is 100 percent female. Or, at least, before the steroids. Last week, the San Francisco Chronicle (via FanHouse as well) reported that Tammy Thomas experienced:

• A deep voice
• Baldness
• A full beard
• Chest hair

And just in case you feel the need, remember: vomit away from the monitor. Away from the monitor.

Olympic Cyclist Tammy Thomas Convicted in First BALCO Trial [FanHouse]
Cyclist Appeared To Be Shaving Face, Drug Tester Tells Jury [San Francisco Chronicle]

(Aside: Even though twoeightnine found this, I strangely believe him when he says he didn't Photoshop the picture. Which is fortunate, because otherwise I'd have to pay him the standard $75 royalty fee.)