Female security guard allegedly made scapegoat in Fake Klay Thompson incident before Game 5

See it: Dawson Gurley walks right into Chase Center unimpeded

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Fake Klay on the court.
Fake Klay on the court.

In the aftermath of the “Fake Klay Thompson” incident before Game 5 of the NBA Finals in San Francisco, we now have video confirmation of Dawson Gurley walking right into Chase Center with no problems.

It’s one thing to hear about this happening, but now that we’re able to watch his journey through security down to the court, it raises more questions. Today, you’d think it would be harder than ever to “sneak” into any professional sports arena. I’m not even sure you can call this sneaking.


He basically walked in without a care in the world.

The second thing I’m wondering about is the female security guard that makes a cameo at the beginning and end of the video. She’s allegedly been suspended from work over the stunt. If this is true, it’s a bunch of bullshit.


Once Gurley walks through the metal detectors past the first level of security, he passes a man to his right dressed in what looks like a security guard uniform, and the man barely glances at him. If that person was also security, he could’ve ended Gurley’s shenanigans (for YouTube) right then. There’s even a third person sitting at a checkpoint spot of the arena that Gurley casually strolls past with his camera crew.

Fake Klay Thompson Sneaks Into NBA Finals (BANNED FOR LIFE)

Apparently, all you need now is to have a camera person following you, documenting your every move, and you can get into any venue you desire. Vaguely resembling someone famous is just icing on the cake. In high school, people said I slightly resembled LL Cool J. Like a dumb ass, I never took advantage and faked my way into the Grammys. So, Gurley is undoubtedly ahead of the game.


Hopefully, the security guard from the beginning of the video isn’t the person taking all the blame. If this is the case, the Golden State Warriors/Chase Center should be ashamed for dropping this in one person’s lap. There were obviously more levels of security that failed here than just the person at the front.

In the video, Gurley claims they were just looking for the team store. Somehow, I doubt this, but it’s a good cover, although that won’t matter. It seems his ban is legit, and the hometown crowd won’t be seeing fake Klay at home games for the foreseeable future.