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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Fernando Tatis Jr. Bends Fabric Of Space And Time, Avoids Getting Tagged Out

It appeared as though Braves pitcher Mike Soroka was about the record the first out of his appearance against the Padres on Sunday. With an 0-2 count against Eric Hosmer, Soroka picked off Fernando Tatis Jr., who had a considerable lead at first base. Tatis Jr. was then caught in a rundown and, after taking some strides towards second, started to make a hard sprint back to first base. Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson then tossed the ball back to Soroka, who made the catch well before the San Diego player was anywhere near the base. Tatis Jr. then displayed incredible muscle control and contorted his body in a way that allowed him to somehow evade Soroka’s tag as he slid into first.

The slide was certainly impressive, but what truly makes this clip so great are the expressions on everyone’s face. Swanson and Soroka had their jaws dropped in total disbelief, while Tatis Jr. was flashing a smile from ear to ear.


After last appearing on this site because he stretched so far that he accidentally did a split and injured himself so bad that he had to leave the game, it’s good to see Tatis Jr. have a better understanding of exactly how his body works.

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