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FIFA Does Not Care For You Or Your Religion

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FIFA has a lot of problems right now, and given that Sepp Blatter has enlisted Placido Domingo and Henry Kissinger to solve them, they're not gonna get solved.

But inexplicably FIFA has created itself a problem involving the Iranian women's national team: They've banned headscarves.


Writes the Washington Post:

Ready to play a crucial Olympic qualifying match with Jordan in Amman on Friday, the Iranian team was dismissed by officials of the international football association, FIFA. The officials decided just before the kickoff that the tight headscarves the Iranian players were wearing to cover their hair broke the association's dress code, FIFA said on Monday.

After Jordan was awarded a 3-0 victory, Iran's players took to the field crying, Press TV, Iranian state TV's English-language outlet, reported.

Iran requires all of its women to wear scarves covering their hair, neck, arms, and legs, whether FIFA likes it or not. Calling it a "safety risk" cannot persuade us—presumably they're familiar with Petr Cech? If FIFA's trying to make some kind of political statement (and this seems unlikely, given Sepp Blatter's predilection for sham elections), one doubts they'll have much luck convincing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Is it worth a national team in tears?


Let 'em play, Sepp! Worst comes to worst, you'll get points off the gross from the corresponding Disney movie.

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