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Fighter Jet Flyover Threatens, Thrills Thousands

Two Navy fighter pilots were grounded after buzzing a Georgia Tech game at the decidedly unsafe altitude of just a few hundred feet.

The two planes were supposed to complete their National Anthem flyover at 1,000 feet, but a deceptively simple mistake brought them over downtown Atlanta much, much lower. They adjusted their altimeters to operate via sea level rather than ground level, but failed to set their warning systems to match.

Or, for a simpler explanation, both pilots were Georgia Tech grads.

Either way, the result was a spate of awesome YouTube videos:

The officers have been shifted to other specialties, ones that don't involve flying. Which is good, I suppose, considering the egregious safety violations. But still: America, fuck yeah!


Oceana F/A-18 pilots grounded after low flyover [Virginian-Pilot]

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