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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Sure most of the one o'clock games didn't exactly light it up on paper, but most of them remained moderately competitive, and downright watchable throughout. Plus, TWO FAVRES!


The Redskins played like crap. Okay, this one was only watchable if you hate yourself. I think I'm going to try this in Washington Landover. The Skins were awful for most of the day, and it doesn't help when your fullback gets stopped twice at the goal line, including a lost fumble. Cincinnati hung on to win 20-13.

Sidenote: At one point in the fourth quarter Chad Johnson was flagged for taunting when he handed the football to Clinton Portis on the Washington sideline. It was a nice little gesture that said, "Hey buddy, your coach won't give you the ball, so you can have this one."


Hochuli's groin is everyone's business. Seattle and St. Louis played each other tough despite nobody else on the planet really giving a shit. However the highlight of the game came when Ed Hochuli told everyone about his groin. The Seahawks got the win after a six play drive to set up Olindo Mare for a field goal with time expiring.

MJD: By air and by ground. Maurice Jones-Drew scored twice for the Jaguars as they hung on to play spoiler against the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rogers had a solid day without the benefit of an effective ground game although he was unable to get into the endzone in the fourth quarter. Jacksonville won it 20-16.

The Bucs come back, lose. Tampa Bay's defense locked down Atlanta's offense after that 10-0 start and they were able to tie things up 10-10 and force overtime. However it was Jason Elam of the Falcons who finally ended things four minutes before another one of those unseemly ties. 13-10 is your final for those plucky birds.

The Lions...lose? Believe it or not, the Lions went down for the 14th time in 14 chances this season putting them just two games from achieving perfection long since believed to be unattainable. This time it was the Colts who picked up the win, 31-21. Dominic Rhodes scored twice in place of the injured Joseph Addai.


Losman's fumble ends the upset bid. The Bills were close to a win over the Jets but a sack, fumble, and 11 yard touchdown return ended all that late in the fourth quarter. New York hung on for the 31-27 win.

Enjoy the afternoon games, headlined by the huge Pittsburgh-Baltimore match up.

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