Finally, Daniel Snyder Finds A Colleague Shorter Than He Is

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So you know how Tom Cruise — he's an actor, been in a few movies, kind of squirrely, if you ask us — got fired by his studio recently and said he would find an independent financier for his future projects.

Well, he has his financier ... and you're never gonna believe who it is.

It's Redskins owner Daniel Snyder! No, seriously. Snyder, shown here reenacting Dakota Fanning's role in War Of The Worlds with Joe Gibbs as Cruise, has said he will give Cruise "less than $3 million annually to finance staff and office expenses."


We're not even sure where to start here. Though if Southeast Jerome converts to Scientology, we're gonna be pissed.

Tom Cruise Cuts Deal With New Group [Los Angeles Times]

(UPDATE: We actually prefer Defamer's take to ours.)