Finally, Objective Proof That Referees Favor Manchester United

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Imagine if every time the Yankees lost, the umps decided to play a 10th inning. That's what's happening in England, with (obviously) Man U being the beneficiary of some super-shady timekeeping.

After Michael Owen's game winner 5 minutes and 26 seconds into stoppage time in this weekend's Manchester derby, the Guardian decided to look into the lengths of injury time through all of United'ss home matches over the last 3+ seasons. What they found...shocks no one.

When Man U were leading after 90 minutes, referees put an average of 191 seconds on the clock — less than the average for Liverpool, Chelsea or Aresenal. But when they were tied or losing, refs put on 257. That's more than a minute in additional stoppage time when they most needed those extra seconds.


Does it matter? This year, United have led two games after regulation and played an average of 304 seconds. If that held true on Sunday, City would have secured a draw. But instead referee Martin Atkinson allowed seven minutes.

I apologize to soccer fans for any errors in terminology by me, a relative neophyte. But one concept translates perfectly across the Atlantic: that Manchester United are a spoiled, entitled team that no one likes.


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