This is for all the basketbloggers out there: you will never need another box score again.

Edd Morgan, a software developer in the UK, has created Box Score Replay. Try it out with last night's Mavs-Spurs game—by moving the slider at the top of the screen, you can watch the stat sheet get populated over the course of the game.

Morgan created it because he tends to watch games on tape the next day, and there is no way to check in-game stats without spoiling the outcome. It's great for writers who watch games on League Pass the next morning, but it's fun for the rest of us too. How else would you notice that Tim Duncan had a double-double 33 seconds into the second half, before anyone on either team hit double figures in any category? Or that in the Knicks game, Steve Novak didn't attempt a shot until 2:20 left in the third?

As of now, Box Score Replay only goes back the last two days worth of games. Here's hoping someone pays Morgan a lot of money to keep this going.