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Fine, If You Insist, Here's Your Post About Curling

Let's take a break from all this college basketball "madness" and talk about what's really on your mind. That's right—let's talk about curling.

We just got this hot tip off the wire.

"The reigning Canadian and world champions will carry a perfect 9-0 record into today's round-robin curtain droppers, assured that they will be among the final four teams with a chance of hoisting the Tankard come Sunday night, and on the verge of overtaking longtime rival Randy Ferbey for the longest win streak in Brier history."


I don't know about you, but no part of that sentence makes any sense to me. I seriously had to read the entire article twice and do a Wikipedia search, before I knew for certain that it was about curling. Then I remembered how much I love those slippery little brooms. Seriously, this might be my favorite Winter Olympic sport (next to biathlon.) It makes very little sense to me, I can't tell the difference between good curling and bad curling, I've never played it and don't care to learn how. But when it's on TV—I'm mesmerized by it.

But I digress ... my brief research tell me that the Brier is like the World Series of curling, in that it really isn't a world championship but it is very, very important to Canadians. It's going on right now and apparently the team from Alberta is very, very good as they have won 22 matches (is that what they're called?) in a row—but that has nothing to do with this video from early in the tournament of what is allegedly the greatest curling shot in the history of the sport. That's right.... we got two separate curling tips today. It's some kind of Canadian miracle.


If you're looking to brush up (get it!?) on the sport before 2010, I suppose now is as good a time as any. Get your rocks off, baby. (I bet you they say that a lot up there.)

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