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First Take Has Nothing On These Portuguese Soccer Pundits

We might think America’s cadre of shouty TV sports agitators is particularly impressive in a dark and horrifying kind of way, but these two guys on Portugal’s Prolongamento seem like they could bury even Stephen A. Smith under a mountain of shrieks and insults with no problem.

It’s best to watch this without much by way of context, but in case you need a little, here goes: the gray-haired angry bowling ball on the left is Manuel Serrão, the show’s designated Porto fan. The increasingly irate Snorlax that Serrão attacks is Pedro Guerra, who supports (and works for, though apparently without much internal or external respect) Benfica. That’s all you really need to know to enjoy the chaos on display.


These two are like Skip Bayless on steroi—err, well I guess they’re just a lot like Skip Bayless.

h/t Reddit

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