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Fletcher Cox Thought His Own TD Would Be Overturned

Image via Fox

The Eagles beat Washington today, 30-17, but the scoreline was a little misleading: Philly scored two touchdowns in the first half, then only managed field goals until a late fumble return touchdown from defensive lineman Fletcher Cox.


That play itself looked like an incomplete pass on the replay: QB Kirk Cousins threw the ball forward, where it bounced off Brandon Graham’s hand before going backwards. The announcers thought it was incomplete. Former official and current analyst Mike Pereira thought it was incomplete. Both teams thought it was incomplete.

And, yeah, from the replay it looked like his arm was going forward. But it was close enough that the league didn’t overturn it.


When the official announced that the play stood, Washington’s offense and Philly’s defense were both on the field. Cox had to run off the field so the Eagles could set up the two-point conversion.


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