Florida Protests Obnoxious Label By Being Obnoxious

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Responding to last week's Fox Sports poll which listed both Florida and Florida State among the nation's "top 10 most obnoxious fan bases," FLSportsFan.com is calling for a boycott, and um, other stuff which they haven't really though out yet. But they'll get to it! Good thing they've forgotten about the time that Fox called them "the flacid state." FLSportsFan.com's Gary Fineout, who writes the Sports Addict blog:

Is there any logic in how Fox arrived at this conclusion? Not as far as I can tell. And it doesn’t even appear to have even a scintilla of evidence to back up the specious claims. Florida “lives in the past and never shuts up” quotes the FOX posting. Huh? What kind of nonsense is that? I mean if you are going to come up with some reason to rip the UF fans, at least mention something with a little more zing, such as those allegations from a million years ago that Gator fans poured urine on visiting Tennessee fans.

Um, you're not helping, Sports Addict. Of course, the following video could have been presented as evidence, but no one thought of it.

Fox's No. 1 most obnoxious fan base, that of Notre Dame, has yet to respond. Fox Sports Attacked For Cheap Shot On 'Noles And Gator Fans [Market Watch] Fox Sports Calls Gator And Noles Fans Obnoxious [Sports Addict] 10 Most Obnoxious Fan Bases [Fox]