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Illustration for article titled Florida State Deploys Some Form Of Witchcraft To Save Broken Trick Play

One of the clearest signs that a trick play is going to shit is when the players involved in said trickery start to look frantic in their movements. This is exactly where Syracuse had Florida State with about three-and-a-half minutes left in the first half on Saturday.


Right from the start of the play, it was clear the Orange knew what was going on. Sure, some players on defense initially started rushing towards the quarterback, but once Seminoles QB Alex Hornibrook tossed the ball over to Cam Akers on the right side of the field, the defense immediately made its way over as a unit to trap the running back in an uncomfortable position. Seeing no way out, Akers threw the ball back to Hornibrook, who waited for pressure to get close before passing for the second time in the play to a now-open Tamorrion Terry. At this point, the defense had been thoroughly dispersed to different areas of the field, but none were in any decent position to stop Terry from making his way 45 yards down the field.

Remember when Syracuse was ranked earlier this season? Good times.

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