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For Real Though, We Need To Talk About Thomas Robinson's Block

I, like most basketball fans, have been thinking about last night's game between the Rockets and Blazers pretty much all day. But out of all the amazing shit that happened in that game—Wes Matthews torpedoing the ball and the win out of Patrick Beverley's hands; that brief stretch when Nic Batum, Damian Lillard, and James Harden turned the court into a playground; Jeremy Lin's Viking funeral—I keep coming back to this block by Thomas Robinson.

Holy shit, this block, man. It's hard to imagine a more perfect conception of the phrase "stuffed at the rim." Howard could not have been any closer to scoring without stuffing both his arms straight through the rim, and Robinson arrived at the last possible millisecond to turn what should have been a highlight-reel alley-oop into a thunderclap of a block.

And this isn't the first time Robinson has done something like this. You may recall him pulling off the block of the regular season back in February. Here's hoping he keeps finding minutes and blocking the shit out of people, for all our sakes.

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