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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled For Sale: Bobby Petrinos Wrecked Motorcycle, Needs Some Repair

If you're into making investments you have no chance of recouping, have I got a deal for you. Bobby Petrino's 2007 Harley Davidson, the same one the former Arkansas football coach allegedly crashed while riding with ex-university employee Jessica Dorrell, is up for auction at, and while the five-year-old bike has an estimated value of $16,000, it will evidently require more than $18,000 in repairs to get it back to its original condition. (That may vary, depending on where you take it to be fixed.) Also, it's being BEING SOLD AS "AS IS - WHERE IS" so you're going to have to go pick it up in person in Fayetteville.


The latest bid stands at just over $2,500, so if you woke up today hoping to burn some money on a notorious piece of college football memorabilia, hop to it.


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