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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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1:00, Fox (East Coast): MLB. Phillies @ Red Sox or Astros @ White Sox or Reds @ Indians. Find your game here. And if you're not getting the game you want, then I at least hope you're lucky enough to get the Tim McCarver broadcast.
3:00, ESPN: World Cup. Argentina vs. Mexico. I think you'll enjoy this one if you really hate Mexico.
4:00, Comedy Central: Movie. Bevery Hills Cop II. Don't THINK, Axel. Makes my dick itch.
4:00, NBC: Action Sports. Dew Action Sports Tour, Panasonic Open, Day 1. If these are action sports, then I'm going to go ahead and say I prefer the non-action sports.
3:30, CBS: Celebrity Sports Invitational. I don't have any idea what this is, but I hope it involves Kathie Lee Gifford being struck with some kind of a blunt object.
4:30, CBS: Poker. Intercontinental Poker Championship. CBS makes a late attempt to get in on the poker craze. They've put together a decent field, though. Negreanu, Chan, Devilfish, Benyamine, Farha, Brunson.
3:00, ABC: PGA Golf. Booz Allen Classic, Third Round. Well hello, Booz.
4:00, Fox (West Coast): MLB. Oakland A's @ San Francisco Giants. Hey, .244 hitters with giant heads don't come along every day, you know.


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