Ford Field Pants Dropper Can Totally Explain This

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As you would probably expect, when one dude is caught on camera choking out another dude who isn't wearing pants the natural response is usually, "It's not what you think!" Well, the gentleman on top has finally spoken up.

The person who originally submitted the picture of this fight at Ford Field on Sunday, seemed to think that these two jokers were together and that the bare ass was just some jocularity that got out of hand. Not so, according to "Rick," the "Henry Rollins lookalike" turned Ford Field enforcer who wrote in last night to explain himself. (All emails sic'd of course.)

Hey guys how are you, the guy laying down the smack down on this drugg fool is me, he was touching my buddys wife, so I had to grab him and put him to sleep, you said you didnt want o come talk or take pics of me, Im not crazy, im cool,mi was just pissed off at his jerk is all. I went on wrif,drew and mike [Ed note: That's a morning radio show in Detroit.] had a blast, so if you want anymore or talk email me thanks guys Rick


After acknowledging his message, another response:

thanks buddy, we have been having a blast with this, and the guy was unknown, no one knew of him, he was acting like a fool from the begging and no one would do or say anything, but I did. the nurses there said he had no pulse and was purple, they went on wrif as well and was calling me out and saying i was wrong and could have killed him, i was just protecting my friends. Rick

But what happened to the pants?

honestly im not real sure, if you look at he pics I had my eyes on him, the only thing we came up with was when I grab him over his seat into the next seats, they got caught on the seats, it makes sense I guess,but I was too busy watching him, he was also on drugs nor drinking, he was way strong for a smaller frame guy, he was tall, but not real big, but moved like a fish out of water, alot of people ate this up as they said I like guys with their pants down,lol whatever, Im just me, helping out my buddys, but being a fighter,if you give a guy like this time to react, something bad will happen, thats why I took him right down and choked him until he passed out.


And one final discussion of the fallout.

whatever you see fit, you got the truth and what took place, Im getting some shit from some jerks on my facebook, god some people, you get a little bit of air play and people act like kids in school, there is few guys who want some of the photos autograph, its all fun. so write what you think, its your page, I will just follow up, do me good bro. rick


So there you go, people. It sounds like Rick did the right thing here, so stop harassing him on Facebook. (Of course, if The Assman has a different take on the situation, we'll be happy to print that as well.) Unfortunately "The Case of the Missing Drawers" may remain a mystery forever.