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Forget Your Race; We Need A Pulitzer Shot

We had an excellent front-row seat for the New York City Marathon on Sunday, where we saw Lance Armstrong surrounded by photographers and a bunch of pace-setting rabbits (which is supposedly against the rules, but whatever), a few people in wacky costumes and, sadly, no one with bleeding nipples. Well, at least not in the race. (We were drinking mimosas. Feel free to mock us. They were free.)

One thing we didn't see? This awful photographer woman, who apparently made it a habit to jump right in front of runners, almost knocking a couple of them over in her quest for, we dunno, bleeding nipple shots, maybe.


Check out the link for some more rude photographer goodness. The best part about this, by the way, is that the woman would not only stand in the way to take the photo, she would then pause, look at her camera, see if she got her shot and then do it again. We think people who do this should be forced to run the rest of the race.

Giving Photographers A Bad Name [Flickr]

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