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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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As posted last week, former Fox NFL correspondent Lisa Guerrero started blogging (or diaristing) a sports-ish column for the LA Times' "Fabulous Forum" blog page. Guerrero, who's probably best known for being resident jiggly-wiggly during the creepy Tom Arnold years of "Best Damn Sports Show Period",a woeful MNF sideline reporter, and posing for Playboy, was also a former employee of the New England Patriots in the early nineties . Guerrero has taken an ample-bosomed shot at New England Patriots fans, whom she went after quite aggressivelyher column last Friday, for leaving early during the Dolphins loss:

I, of all people, should not be surprised. From 1992 to 1994, I was the director of entertainment for the Patriots. Believe me, those bleak years were anything but entertaining. Back then, they played at Foxboro Stadium, best known for having the worst field conditions in professional football, in front of maybe 20,000 fans, best known for urinating off the upper terrace and assaulting women in the dirt parking lot. Really! In other words, this was a drunken, dirty, obnoxious crowd. I don't mean that in a good way. Those fans were an embarrassment. The team stunk — 6-10 in 1991 and 2-14 in 1992 — and there wasn't a lot to cheer about. Remember Dick MacPherson? Exactly. But isn't that when true fans continue to show up ... and know how to use the indoor plumbing?


Boston Herald's Inside Track column takes a few potshots and brings up something that Guerrero probably should have mentioned for the sake of full disclosure before ranting:

After all, she sued the Pats - and the Kraft family - after she was told to pack up her pom poms and hit the road back in 1994. Lisa claimed she was discriminated against because she is Hispanic. Which came as quite a surprise to pretty much everyone, as she was then known as Lisa Coles, and no one knew she was half-Latina! The suit also claimed that Jonathan Kraft made a “racist” request that she play less rap, hip-hop and disco music and more rock ’n’ roll at Patriots games. And that his dad, Robert, suggested that the cheerleaders wear skimpier outfits.

Yeah, she probably should have mentioned that... Lisa Guererro on Pats Fans: Drunk, Dirty Obnoxious [HHR] Lisa Guererro rips into fair-weather fans [BH] Take It Like A Man [LA Times]

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