Former NBA Big Man Matt Geiger Was "Relocated" From Tropicana Field For Interfering With Carlos Peña On A Foul Ball

On a lazy Sunday in April, Matt Geiger—journeyman center for the Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornets and Philadelphia 76ers—probably enjoys soaking in the sun and taking in a ballgame. Not necessarily at the same time, though, since he was at The Trop causing a scene and interfering with Carlos Peña on a routine foul pop down the first base line.


In the top of the 8th inning, Josh Willingham fouled off a pitch that Peña clearly had a bead on. Geiger's go-go gadget arms shot out of nowhere and interfered with Peña, turning an out into a mere strike. While it was initially believed that Geiger was ejected, the Rays claim he was merely "relocated" to another (read: worse) section.

It's not a total loss for Geiger, though. Hundreds of people everywhere likely uttered "Hey, remember Matt Geiger?"