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Fox NFL Sunday Now Featuring Only Jimmy Johnson's Breasts

Lost in all the hullabaloo yesterday about Joe Buck taking over as studio host for Fox NFL Sunday was this little nugget of info: "Wacky" female presence Jillian Barberie is leaving the show with little fanfare. And by "little fanfare," we mean it: She's not even mentioned in the press release that announced Buck's addition to the team.


We have no problem with attractive women on our television screens; in fact, they make regular appearances. But we'll confess considerable annoyance with Barberie during her Fox NFL Sunday stints. She had the Jenny McCarthy problem: Just a little too much "Hey, I'm in your face, 'cause I'm ONE OF THE GUYS!" for our tastes. Oh, and also, she knew about as much about football as our socks. (That is to say, her football knowledge is comparable to that of our socks; reports as Barberie's expertise on our physical footwear are heretofore unconfirmed.)

We can't say we're particularly surprised she's leaving, especially now that Joe Buck is on staff. For some reason, we have a hard time imagining Buck doing wacky sexy banter schtick, you know?

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