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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Fox Sports 1's Katie Nolan Lays Waste To Rick Reilly

Rick Reilly went on TV yesterday and said some stupid things—chief among them was referring to Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas as Gabby Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman who survived being shot in the head in 2011—but he also said some mean things about Regis Philbin. Reilly's words did not sit well with Katie Nolan, Philbin's co-host on Crowd Goes Wild, so she took some time during today's episode to drop bombs on the Rickster.

As far as media members burning other media members goes, this is pretty good! Nolan hits all the right notes—Reilly's repeated self-plagiarizing, his misquoting of his father-in-law, "I had it first on Twitter"—without pulling any punches. Next time, though, Nolan should be sure to bring up Reilly's inauspicious career as a poet.


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