Fox Sports Humiliates America With Horrible USMNT Promo

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Remember when a Mexican TV station used Donald Trump, a mass of whoopie cushions and mashed potatoes inhabited by a chaos demon, to troll the USMNT ahead of tomorrow’s game against Mexico? That was pretty good! They got us! Today, Fox tried to clap back with a promo video of its own:

I don’t think Fox understands how this whole shit-talking thing works. The Mexican station’s video was funny because Trump is, in addition to being a clown and a national embarrassment generally, a stupid jingo blowhard specifically. Their shit-talking amounted to saying, basically, “Americans are stupid jingo blowhards! Fuck them!” This doesn’t go both ways! Who the hell aligns themselves with a clown and a national embarrassment when puffing their chests out at their rival? It’s like standing up to a bully by punching yourself in the dick and jumping in a garbage can. “Yeah, we ARE stupid jingo blowhards! Eat shit!”