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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

FOX Sports Sends A Message: "We Are Shameless Corporate Whores"

Obviously, the FOX television network is not known for subtlety or restraint when it comes to shilling for its various synerg-tatsic properties, but their ridiculous Avatar promos on Sunday redefined crappy product placement (for crappy products.)

It was bad enough when they tried to weave the plot lines of Game 4 into a hackneyed story about blue rastafied cat aliens, but the most egregious example of fake enthusiasm for this sure-to-be-terrible movie was the actual fake enthusiasm by the fans watching it on the big screen at Cowboys Stadium. Look, if News Corp. wants to show their three-minute infomercial on the jumbotron that's fine. But don't make people pretend that it was it so exciting it brought them to their feet. I haven't seen acting that forced since the last episode of Joe Buck Live. Were they paid to do that or did those poor saps spend all their dignity just to earn tickets to a Cowboys game?


By the way, funny how the trailer listed James Cameron's previous sci-fi triumphs, but forgot to mention "The Abyss." What an odd oversight!