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Franco Harris Wants Joe Paterno Reinstated For Four Games Next Season, Because Franco Harris Has Lost His Mind

Never mind the alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky's child sex abuse: Joe Paterno is the biggest victim of all. At least that seems to be the opinion of those deluded Penn Staters who continue to make Paterno their primary concern. And arguably no one has tilted more stupidly at that stupid windmill than Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris. Just after Paterno was axed, Harris rushed to his defense and even gave up his job. He then drove for three-plus hours that same day to give somebody a piece of his mind, only to do little more than eat a sticky bun. And today, after a meeting at which Penn State's Board of Trustees announced a change in leadership, Harris held a press conference of his own. And he demanded that Paterno get his job back for as many games as he was forced to miss at the end of the 2011 season. Which is totally gonna happen. [via]


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