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Fred Davis Allegedly Criticizes Woman's Ass, Throws Dirt At Her

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Former Skins tight end Fred Davis had a horrible February, but his year seems to be getting worse. A woman filed a complaint saying that on June 2, Davis harassed her while she was out with a friend at a diner. D.C. police now have a warrant out for him.

According to the complainant, who is Davis's ex-girlfriend, the tight end allegedly made fun of her ass and threw dirt at her. The complainant went to get a ketchup bottle to squirt Davis, but someone stopped her. After more arguing, Davis left. Per the Washington Post, Davis is facing one charge of simple assault.


Scott MacFarlane of NBC 4 tweeted out the report's narrative of the incident. Some excerpts:

A few moments after arriving at the location [Davis] approached [the complainant] from behind and placed his hands on her shoulder, turned her around approximately 180 degrees so her backside was facing [the complainant's friend] at which time [Davis] stated to [the complainant's friend] "Why you with her, she doesn't have an ass."


While [the complainant and her friend] were standing together, Davis stated "I'm gonna slap you cause you fakin. Your friend looks like 2 Chainz."


You can read the complete narrative below.

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