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Fred Smoot: The Sex Boat Wasn't Even That Cool

Former NFL cornerback Fred Smoot did a Reddit AMA today, and finally declared that he is tired of one of the funniest stories in sports history, the Minnesota Vikings Sex Boat scandal. Before getting to the questions, Smoot had a request:

Can we please stop asking about the sex boat? That shit was like 10 years ago and it wasn’t even that cool. Stay off of boats kids.


And what was that shit from 10 years ago? According to the criminal complaint (Smoot eventually plead guilty to misdemeanor being a public nuisance on a watercraft and disorderly conduct charges), he:

Was seen holding a double-headed dildo and moving the dildo while each end was inserted into the vagina of two women who were lying on the floor near the lounge area of the charter boat. After a period of time, one of the women got up and Mr. Smoot continued to manipulate the dildo inside the other woman.


This wasn’t Smoot’s first AMA—in years past it’s where he would drop gross sex slang—and he has previously answered numerous questions about the boat. Last month he was asked if the allegations above were true, and he responded:

I’m gonna say 3/4ths true. there’s only two people famous for lake minnetonka - me and prince. it should stay that way.


And added:

best strippers from all over - about 55 from all over the country. skrippas

But just because Smoot didn’t want to sex boat doesn’t mean he wasn’t candid about other topics. Here are some of the better exchanges:

Q: Who was the best receiver you ever had to cover?

Smoot: ya moms

Q: What do you think the next chapter in the Johnny Manziel saga is?

Smoot: he gonna have a lot of fun drinking with his friends when he can’t find a place to play anymore. ask fred davis what the next chapter is. i love freddy d to death, thats my brother, but once you get a bad rap, it’s hard asa muhfucker to lose it.

Q: What is Kirk’s view on immigration, gun control and the redskins winning the Super Bowl

Smoot: kirk has a cannon attached to him. he loves mexicans and he believes the redskins are going to win the bowl

Q: Which receiver you covered had the crispest routes?

Smoot: any 6 foot shifty white guy. really any shifty guy in general. it’s not the big tall guys you have to worry about, its the regular sized guy who comes up missing on you.


Fred Smoot never has—and clearly still doesn’t—given any fucks, and answered an enormous amount of questions with sometimes brutal honesty. You can check out the entire AMA here.


Photo via AP; h/t Vice Sports


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