A French basketball game between second-division teams Rouen and Boulogne Sur Mer ended in hilarity when Rouen's coach, Laurent Sciarra, momentarily lost his mind.

With just a few seconds left and the game tied at 84, Rouen was in the middle of making a great defensive stand when Sciarra decided reach out from his spot on the sideline and try to swipe the ball from a Boulogne player, earning his team a technical foul. It turned out to be a catastrophically dumb move, as not only was Boulogne nowhere close to getting off a good shot, but the two free throws that were awarded to Boulogne after the tech sealed the game.

The best part of the video is how Sciarra immediately goes into demonstrative-European-guy mode and tries to deny that he did anything wrong. He just can't even fathom that he's being accused of doing something so ridiculous.

h/t Benoit