Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

From Jonah Kaner of TheKnicksWall comes this excellent picture of Blazers fans distracting Raymond Felton on Thursday night by waving pictures of delicious foodstuffs in his face. For those who don't follow the high school cafeteria feuds between NBA players and NBA fan bases, a little background on generally tranquil Portland's antipathy towards Felton:

Raymond Felton developed an uncanny knack for turning just about everyone against him during his one season in Portland. Fans, media and even his coach soured on the point guard, who was admittedly out of shape and unproductive.

That’s actually a nice way of putting it. Fans in the Pacific Northwest preferred using words such as “fat” and “dog” to describe Felton’s 60-game run with the Trail Blazers last season.


A Portland-area columnist did not mince words about the looming fan reaction to Felton prior to Thursday's game:

There's only one emotion more powerful than love — and that's the expression of hate. Not your garden variety hate, but that teeth-clenching, forehead-wrinkling, middle finger-saluting, four-letter word-spitting kind of hate. The kind that most likely will greet Felton from the time he walks onto the Rose Garden floor on Thursday until he ducks into the visitor's charter bus.

Hey, Raymond Felton inspires the only emotion more powerful than love! Pretty good. He went 3/3 from the stripe, but did not score 50.