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Illustration for article titled FSU Honors MLK With Unbelievably Tone-Deaf Photoshop [Update]

MLK Day is one of the few days a year on which a brand or institution is guaranteed to shame itself through a ham-fisted tribute to the civil rights hero. This year, I don’t think anyone is going to do a worse job than Florida State University, which sent out and then quickly deleted the tweet you see above.


I’m not sure how that image is meant to be interpreted as anything other than Martin Luther King, Jr. doing Florida State’s tomahawk chop celebration. Creating an image like that is a bad idea on any day, but particularly one following a weekend during which the biggest news story in the country involved a bunch a MAGA-hatted teens doing the tomahawk chop while harassing a Native American elder. 

Update (3:47 p.m.): The school is sorry:

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