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Here is a tip for anyone that is currently a fugitive: Do not let a newspaper put your picture and full name in print, even if it is in the service of crapping on the Washington Redskins' racist name.

That's exactly what happened to Jake Close, whom our pal Jim Romensko has helpfully pointed out in the image above. Close was recently asked for his opinion on the Redskins controversy by the Press Enterprise, and he gave the paper permission to include his burn on the Redskins, along with his face and name, in the paper's "Your Opinion" section. Unfortunately, a Bloomsburg campus police officer recognized Close, who was wanted for jumping his bail on a DUI case, and tracked him down. According to the Press Enterprise, Close was arrested at the student rec center on Sunday.


Honestly, anyone still making the tired "They should change the mascot to a potato!" joke should be arrested anyway for being extremely corny.

[Romenesko | Press Enterprise]

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