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Fun With Trade Rumors

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We like it when the Internet has something before the Jayson Starks of the world do, so we're gonna run with this, because it's the end of November and not much is more fun than a good trade rumor. According to MLB Trade Rumors, the St. Louis Cardinals are "close" to a "major" move, with sources saying that "something big is happening" and that Cardinals general manager Walt Jocketty has threatened employees with "termination" if any information comes out. Too late!

With the help of Viva El Birdos, MLB Trade Rumors has narrowed the likely news candidates to four possibilities: A trade of Jim Edmonds for Robinson Cano and Chien Ming-Wang; the signing of A.J. Burnett; a trade for Ken Griffey Jr.; and a trade for Bobby Abreu.


We usually don't get into this much detail with the transaction sheet, but:

1. These are our Cardinals.
2. It's a slow news day.
3. We love the idea of Bobby Abreu wearing the Birds on the Bat. Not just because the dude can hit (and walk), but also because we would love to take dating tips from him.

If any of these trades end up happening, remember where you heard it first.

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(Update: Viva El Birdos says signs are pointing to Abreu.)

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