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We're not sure if it's still there, but it seems that someone was having a bit of fun with the Snohomish High School Wikipedia entry today. Under the "traditions" section, appears the following text:

A new tradition was started on October 6th 2006, deemed "ROTC target practice." The school's ceremonial cannon lets loose a volley at a random ROTC student's leg. Afterwards, the town's fine citizens spread cheer and wish him the gift of symmetry, threatening to blow off his other leg too if he raises a fuss about it. This new tradition has been met with the community's full support.

The Target Practice Parade is in the process of being planned to commemorate the October 6th incident. This parade will feature burning effigies of the student, his leg, and his family. The parade will throw out KY jelly to the children, and incorporate a hundred goat processional. It is yet to be announced when the parade will take place.

As we mentioned yesterday, an ROTC cadet really did get his leg mangled by a ceremonial cannon at a Snohomish football game, prompting players, fans and alumni to rush to the support of ... the cannon. What? The Seattle Post-Intelligencer first reported this, and it was next picked up by, and word on the street is that it was a Fark reader who wrote the Wikipedia entry.

You may soon change that entry, Wikipedia. But don't you change.

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