Michele Bachmann won the Ames, Iowa straw poll yesterday, which, according to Nate Silver, means she's the favorite to win the Iowa caucuses next year. And, if you follow this syllogism to its logical extreme, she's gonna win the Republican nomination and then the presidency. Or something.

Anyway, that seems as good an excuse as any to post this picture of Bachmann's pray-away-the-gay-practitioner husband Marcus, eating a corn dog.

If you want a sportsy tie-in here, it comes courtesy of Ryan Lizza's excellent New Yorker profile of Bachmann, which you should read:

Inside the airport, another reporter pulled up an image of Buddy Garrity, from the TV show Friday Night Lights. The character, played by Brad Leland, is a dead ringer for Marcus, and the reporter showed him the image. "He does look like me," Marcus said. "My goodness, you guys are quick, sharp, and complimentary so far-just until I get to know you long enough, and then you might even tell the truth." He paused. "Which I'm really afraid of!" He grabbed a large suitcase from a cart-"I'm the high-maintenance traveller here, with the biggest, heaviest bag"-and he and Michele walked away.


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