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Gene Upshaw Is Smarter Than You Think

Say what you will about NFL players union chief Gene Upshaw — that he's an out-of-control, useless stooge who collapses under even the slightest bit of pressure from the NFL, which just waits for him to say something idiotic again — but you can't say he doesn't know how to take care of himself.


Sports Business Journal reports that Upshaw made $6.7 million last year, more than double his salary from the year before and clearly establishing him as the most highly paid union chief in all of sports. (And, frankly, he'd have to rank in the top five in the country all together. One hopes, anyway.) This now makes his incompetence make more sense. He can't understand why retired players are so upset ... but he's a retired player, and look how he's doing! What are all those guys complaining about?

Oh, sure, Mr. Goodell, I'd be happy to fetch you your moccasins.

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