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Gentlemen, Start Your Hangovers

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God only knows where Daulerio is or what he's doing at this hour; hopefully he wasn't involved in the carnage above. Was that a bus shelter? Anyway, the last I heard from him was in a garbled cell phone message, screaming something about attending today's Phillies' victory parade. So don't be surprised if he's not around much (and if he returns on Monday with a brand new American Tourister Travel Tote, we'll know why). City officials must have had our editor in mind when they warned that any "idiot parade antics" today would be dealt with harshly. Let's hope that's indeed the case; and that there are plenty of photos. Put your victory to bed in style, Phillies fans!


Here's the parade route, should your be planning to attend. Schedule your mayhem accordingly.

At a press conference at Citizens Bank Park today, Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter urged restraint. "Take your patience pill," he said. "You can be joyous, but you can't be a jackass." Too many of the latter spoiled the party last night. Police made 76 arrests and reported that 10 Center City businesses were vandalized. To boost coverage, Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said the department has canceled days-off for tomorrow and will extend shifts. Nutter added that police will be "very aggressive" about going after vandals.

I've never understood the sports riot concept: You're happy about your team, so you destroy your own Starbucks? I would think that you'd drive to Pittsburgh and trash their stuff. So hopefully no more of this today. As a San Francisco Giants fan, I have little sympathy for your puny 28-year World Series title drought, Phillies. Phils Fans Warned About 'Idiotic' Parade Antics [NBCSports]