This video sort of defies analysis, so I'll just set it up this way and trust you to watch the whole thing: This man is not an albino pro wrestler. Just a very intense and very white Georgia Bulldogs fan.

It's a little disappointing that it took so long for this to show up in my inbox (South Carolina played Georgia on September 12), but I think you'll agree that it will never be too late to see something like this. The young gentleman in this video talks with great gusto about the mechanics of body painting, how Sanford Stadium do, and how much he wants to knock Steve Spurrier's visor off his smug little head. Meanwhile, a shaken and confused sideline reporter in training (from something called the Digital College Network) tries in vain to make sense of it all. But you can't make sense of something like this. This man is an agent of chaos. He may also be an agent of the Sherman-Williams corporation, but that's another issue.

My favorite part is at the end of his Ultimate Warrior-voiced rant, when he drops the facade for a microsecond to offer a subdued "You're welcome." He's the most polite deranged superfan I've ever met. Go Dawgs?

(P.S. In case you're wondering what happened after the red and black paint was applied. Gotta dance!)

Uga Vs. Usc: Uga Fans Crazies [2009] [Digital College Network]