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Georgia Woman Exposes Self, Molests Bar Patrons While Watching SEC Championship Game

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Watching a big football game at a bar can be fun. You get to drink beer, cheer loudly, and share in the joy of victory or the pain of defeat with other like-minded fans. That experience is probably what patrons of El Jinete and Friends Sports Grill (!) in Dacula, Ga., were looking for when they settled in to watch Georgia take on Alabama in Saturday's SEC championship game. Instead, they became victims of Jana Lawrence's terrifying night of debauchery. From the Dacula Patch:

Gwinnett County Police were dispatched to El Jinete on Liam Avenue at approximately 7:14 p.m. on Dec. 1 after the manager called to advise a woman, later identified as Jana Lawrence, 46, of Dacula, had exposed herself to his customers.


Lawrence reportedly told the officer she had recently been released from prison and had been watching the UGA game at another restaurant. Lawrence allegedly insisted she did not know why the police officer wanted to speak with her.

The officer subsequently spoke with the manager at El Jinete who explained that Lawrence began yelling and using profanities while at the bar. The manager told police Lawrence exposed her breasts to other customers and licked one of the female customers.

The female customer confirmed the manager's account of Lawrence's behavior and said that Lawrence had been "rubbing" on her and had rubbed her genital area.

Lawrence eventually left El Jinete and walked next door to Friends. The manager of Friends said Lawrence was sitting at the bar with her buttocks exposed. When told she had to leave because she was exposing herself, Lawrence reportedly pulled her pants down even further. The manager further advised that Lawrence had licked one of her customers before being asked to leave.

Two men who had been seated on either side of Lawrence at the bar told police Lawrence had inappropriately touched them. One of the men said Lawrence had licked the tattoo on his arm, the other said Lawrence had "playfully rubbed her hand against his penis."

When informed she was under arrest, Lawrence reportedly replied, "What the [expletive deleted] are my charges?" The officer listed the charges and placed Lawrence in the back of the patrol car.


Good god. Look, we're in support of someone wanting to blow off some steam right after getting out of prison. But getting naked, licking people, and grabbing at both male and female genitalia is just too much. Maybe settle for just one of those?

We have to give Lawrence credit, though. She didn't even let the fact that she got arrested stop her from trying to party:

Once at the jail, a female deputy instructed Lawrence to stand against the intake wall to be searched. Lawrence reportedly replied by asking the deputy if she wanted a girlfriend.

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