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Gerald Henderson, In The Time Warner Arena, With An Errant Pass

There was only one place Gerald Henderson's wayward pass was landing and the poor lady never saw it coming. She's like one of those mechanical duck's shuffling along a target range game at the carnival and Gerald Henderson is the deadest shot in the county.


The lady, who was attending her first ever basketball game, is OK apparently—a Bobcats official said she was taken to the hospital only as a precaution. It should make Gerald feel at least a little bit better.

The Bobcats also gave her Henderson's shoes from the game as an apology of sorts, so let's inventory the positives here because they are plenty. She went to her first ever basketball game and had court side seats. She now has a great story with only mildly embarrassing and fleetingly anonymous fame and a rare (if smelly) souvenir.

Also, David Stern's autograph. So what if it's on her face?

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