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Gerard Butler's Michigan State Weekend

Movie Spartan Gerard Butler was once in a great trailer that became an OK movie called 300. So it makes perfect sense for him—while not in character—to pump up various Michigan State crowds like he did this weekend.

Let's start at Midnight Madness, where Butler took center-court and barked at the crowd—something that sounds like—"Spartans, what is your profession?" The crowd sounds like they're saying "Hoop"—which, ha, right? Regardless, it's a line from 300, so they're saying "Ha-ooh." Tom Izzo looks like he's having fun out there, though.

And what better place to remind people that you starred in both Phantom of the Opera and P.S. I Love You—as creeps, mind you—than in the women's basketball team's locker room?

Here he is. Again. Is that really that famous of a line or is it just Michigan State's "thing?" That aside, I am really glad he identified himself as a fellow Spartan.

And what would a special Gerard Butler Weekend be without Gerard Butler leading the marching band?

Twice for good measure.

So happy homecoming, Michigan State. Please email us the inevitable tales of debauchery that unfolded in and around Gerard Butler's presence.


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