German Hockey Player Narrowly Avoids Der Eismaschine

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Stefan Loibl of the Straubing Tigers was just giving a routine interview in the second intermission of a 4-2 loss to fellow German hockey club Kölner Haie. But just when you’re feeling safe—that’s when Der Eismaschine will strike.


Loibl looked to his left just in time to see a Zamboni—to use Der Eismaschine’s most common brand name—unwittingly backing up right into him. With lightning reflexes, Loibl got off his headset and skated out of the way. Two TV workers, however, were not so lucky, but the only lasting damage appeared to be minor embarrassment.

The interviewer, even in the immediate shock of the moment, seems strangely untroubled. Perhaps he knows the grim truth that Der Eismaschine will never be satisfied.