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German TV Is Shocked To Find Doping In This Establishment

We know we're gonna blow your minds here, but it turns out that there has been a bit of a blood doping scandal at the Tour de France! We know! In cycling! Of all places! You know, you think you can trust a sport. Anyway, a German television station has decided it's had just about enough, thank you very much.

German state television — which otherwise is just playing "Sprockets" reruns — has announced that it's pulling all its cameras from the Tour de France because of all the doping scandals.

In response to T-Mobile rider Patrik Sinkewitz's testing positive for testosterone, German channels ARD and ZDF didn't decide to merely cover the incident. They've packed up their cameras and gone home. Despite the fact that more than a million Germans watch the Tour de France, the networks have shelved their coverage until the Sinkewitz case is resolved.

"We cannot wait until the Tour is over," ZDF editor Nikolaus Brender told the broadcaster's lunchtime news. "There is a constant suspicion of doping."


Though we're a little bewildered why, if German television felt that way, they showed up in the first place, it's still a ballsy move. Imagine if American television stations underwent the same maneuver? We'd only be watching the WNBA, one suspects. Oh, and competitive eating. (Maybe.)

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