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We're still rather amazed by Lou Holtz's magic trick, so perhaps that's clouding our judgment, but we're really starting to fall in love with Holtz's weekly "pep talks." They're bizarre, out-of-place and entirely self-contained, to the point that we find ourselves legitimately pepped! Fire us up, Lou!


As with any cult hit, the Lou Holtz Pep Talk now has its own drinking game.

-Take 3 sips if:
* He directs his talk to a mid-major or Notre Dame
* He lisps every word (and I mean every word) in a sentence at least twice
* He paints a gloomy picture of your future as a human being
* You recognize a play that he drew on the whiteboard.

We've finally found a use for Lou Holtz, folks; it's a happy day.

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