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Get Ready For British Humor Night With The West Michigan Whitecaps

Welcome to Minor Enterprise. But follow only if you are men of valor. For the entrance to this cave is guarded by a monster, a creature so foul and cruel that no man yet has fought with it and lived. Bones of full fifty men lie strewn about its lair ... therefore sweet knights if you may doubt your strength or courage come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty pointy teeth!

ARTHUR: What an eccentric performance!

It's a good thing I know someone named Benny Hill, or I might have missed this. Please join the West Michigan Whitecaps on Monday for British Humor Night, as the Class A Midwest League team celebrates all things Monty Python, Mr. Bean and, hopefully, Ricky Gervais during their game with the Cedar Rapids Kernels.


Rumor has it that the classic Monty Python sketch Upper Class Twit of the Year will be shown on the video board, with other legendary bits such as the Ministry of Silly Walks, and, hopefully, my favorite, The Unknown Joke. Clips from other British comedy shows will also be displayed, and the game will feature a knight being followed by a squire who is clapping together coconut shells.

"Nigel Incubator Jones! His best friend is a tree and in his spare time he's a stockbroker!"

Other upcoming promotions:

Salute To Major Meltdowns. Tonight, St. Paul Saints (Independent American Association). The mini pine tar bat giveaway can only mean George Brett's infamous fit in 1983 will be one of the featured meltdowns.


Mustache Awareness Night/Hug Your Plumber Night. Tonight, South Bend Silver Hawks (Class A Midwest League). Anyone with a mustache will receive a free reserved seat ticket.

Political Correctness Night. Tonight, Lowell Spinners (Class A New York-Penn League). Foul lines have been renamed fair lines, but that's only the beginning. Players committing an error will not be identified for fear of hurting their feelings, the bat boy has been renamed the bat person, and the shortstop the “vertically-challenged stop.” Also, trophies will be handed out to each participant in between-innings promotions.


Political Incorrectness Night. Thursday, July 24, Lowell Spinners (Class A New York-Penn League). Pink pot holders will be given out to the first 250 female fans, only females will take orders at the two main concession stands, and there will be a special area set aside for seniors to nap. Families are encouraged to come to the game in separate cars, to use as much gas as possible.

Performance Enhancement Depreciation Night. Aug. 4, West Virginia Power (Class A South Atlantic League). I have no idea what this is, but will have a full report next week if I have to go there myself.


Durham Athletic Park Renovation. The former home of the Durham Bulls, where the 1988 movie Bull Durham was filmed, has been vacant and in disrepair since the Bulls moved in 1998. But on Tuesday work began on a $5 million renovation for the park, which will include new seats, clubhouses and dugouts. Among other functions, the park will serve as the home field of the North Carolina Central University baseball team beginning next season.


Racing Vegetables Of The Week. Corn vs. Broccoli, South Bend Silver Hawks (Class A Midwest League). The age-old rivalry is played out every night at Coveleski Stadium, with the fibrous green vegetable shown here gaining the upper hand. But corn will have his revenge, and when he does, it will be served cold; with garlic butter on the side.

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