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Giants Lineman Sean Locklear Used To Have A Right Knee: Giants-Redskins In Four GIFs

Washington 17, New York Giants 16: Ugh, so gross. Moving on. The Giants could have gone a long way to wrapping up the division while also taking the air out of the Washington sails, but no. The Redskins are right in the thick of things despite...let's call it an unorthodox first scoring drive.


On second-and-two from the Giants 28, Robert Griffin III kept the ball himself, picking up about 12 yards and then fumbled and twisted and contorted the ball directly into the hands of teammate Josh Morgan who found his way into the endzone. 7-3, Redskins.

A lot of boring field goals later, the Redskins were able to extend a drive on the play you see below at the end of the third quarter. It was ruled a first down, but it appears Robert Griffin III was out of bounds well before crossing the first down marker at the 50-yard line. Instead of a third and short, the Redskins had a fresh set of downs. Maybe it wouldn't have mattered since the Redskins then ran seemingly at will on the Giants before Griffin III found Pierre Garcon for an eight-yard touchdown with under twelve minutes to go in the game, making it 17-16 Redskins. Griffin III finished with 163 yards passing and one touchdown along with 72 yards rushing.

And for you Giants fans, here is, I don't know, some signs of life? A pulse? It's Linval Joseph getting into it with a Washington lineman as he tries to pull him out of a scrum by his cleats. Neither man was pleased and resorted to various kicking motions to express their displeasure.